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Fine art is considered to be art that is concerned with beauty. The term was adapted from the French term beaux arts in 1767. Schools, institutes, and other organizations use the term in reference to visual arts.

What types of art fit into this category? Architecture, drawings, paintings and sculptures are the most popular. The world of art does not consider craftwork or applied art such as textiles to fit the fine art category.

Art history is an area of expertise that few fully understand and appreciate.

Leaked Video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shows Her to Be . . . an Extremely Cute Dancer

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez smear attempts have taken on a desperate tone. The latest in a string of accusations (including that she once lived in a house, has worn fancy clothes for magazine shoots, owns a coat, and used to go by "Sandy") is a video of the brand-new congressional representative dancing (very adorably) with some of her Boston University classmates, sent to Phoenix's "Lisztomania."

Imagine being able to examine a piece of fine art and know the time period it was done and the estimated value of such work. I recently saw an article about a woman who donated an old painting to the Goodwill. It was discovered that the painting was a watercolor by Frank W. Benson. The value of this piece of fine art is $165,000.00. Word to the wise, check the value on art work before you get rid of it. You never know. As they saying goes, one mans junk is another mans treasure!

There are many excellent fine arts schools in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. The programs not only allow artists to show their creativity, but teach discipline and skill to help them promote their art work. I would suggest if you are interested in attending such a school, to do research on what schools offer what programs. Many specialize in particular areas of art. School advisors and counselors can help match your area of interest with the right schools.

It is amazing the number of websites on the internet that have fine art for sale. You can search by artist, design, or price. If you decide to purchase fine art online, it is important that you take the time to find out who you are dealing with. Unfortunately there are many scam artists that sale imitation fine art of the internet. By the time most people realize they have been scammed, the seller can’t be traced.

However, there are many legitimate online sites selling fine art. These businesses will have no problem with providing you with a business address, business phone number, or verifying the authenticity of the art they sale.

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